At DMC Global our Construction services are tailored to suit your needs; 
These services include worldwide;

Construction Management & Project Management 
Services for all of your project needs worldwide. 

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DMC Global Construction Management services, from the inception of the project, is there to provide a cohesive planning and delivery effort and to act your behalf.

Our Construction Management services are divided into two main categories:

(A) The Pre-Construction Phase.

(B) The Construction & Delivery Phase.

A. Pre-Construction Phase

At this phase, our Construction Management Team can  in providing information and analysing information from both the Architect & Structural Engineer.

It is in working through and under the direction of the Architect & Engineer during the pre construction stage that maximum value can be added to the project (i.e., space used, energy efficiency, design, mechanical systems & structural integrity.

The assistance provided by our Construction Management Team at this point includes ( if aplicable to contract ):

1, Assist the Architect & Structural engineer in defining your needs and setting the project criteria.

2, Assist the Architect & Structural Engineer in refinement of Construction documents to provide higher accuracy for the project.

3, Advising you of construction methods, materials, and structural components if nesesery as the project matures.

4, Assisting you with budgeting and cost estimating if & when required.

5, Coordination & working direct with the Architect & Structural Engineer.

6, Establishment of operational procedures.

7, Identification of long lead time material items.

8, Organisation of responsibilities and work flow projections.

9, Quotation assessment and qualifying if & when required.

10, Awarding of contracts with your full consent.

11, Contract review and execution.

12, Assist Architect & Engineer in refinement of construction documents to provide higher accuracy.

13, DMC Global will also provide budget estimates & quotations for services other than Construction Management Services, where applicable as an extra service where aplicable.

14, DMC Global assists Architect/Engineer in attaining building control officials review and approval.

15, DMC Global manages design, design development,(if applicable) and construction document phases in accordance with Architect & Structural Engineers requirements.

16, DMC Global meets with officials relevant to the project prior to the start of construction to ensure that all requirements will be met.


B. Construction & Delivery Phase

It is during this phase that DMC Global Construction Management services assumes the leadership role on the project team in delivering the project within the agreed upon plans & specifications.

DMC Global Construction Management would act as an agent on your behalf with the Architect & Structural engineer is the liaison and coordinator for all activity involving the construction of your project.

Services provided by DMC Global Construction Management team during the Construction Phase ( if applicable to contract ) includes;

17, Providing on-site construction administration, supervision, and coordination.

18, Scheduling and conducting all job site and construction meetings.

19, Developing and maintaining construction schedules.

20, Maintaining cost accounting and cost control records where applicable.

21, Reviewing with your Architect & Structural Engineers the monthly status reports, including these areas:

a) Cost vs. Budget.

b) Construction progress vs schedule.

c) Health & Safety Plan.

d) Quality of workmanship review.

22, Processing change orders initiated.

23, Preparing Snag lists in advance of completion and establishing management systems for correction of any works to be improved by the appropriate contractors if or where applicable.

24, Arranging for inspections by the appropriate governing authorities.

25, Monitoring adherence to safety programs & the coordinating of all safety requirements.

26, Coordinating all general condition items including temporary welfare facilities.

27, Accepting delivery and arranging storage, protection, and security for all purchased materials,systems, and equipment.

28, Assisting the Architect & Structural Engineers with selection of surveys or and testing.

29, The managing of site plant where applicable, operating manuals and warranty information, and coordinating startup of the building systems with operational personnel.

30, Obtaining where applicable as-built drawings for the Architect & Structural Engineer.

31, Coordinating contractor warranty work as required during the warranty period.

If this service is required by you this will be at a mutually agreed extra added cost prior to callout.

32, Assisting in occupancy, equipment startup, and systems operations through the appropriate suppliers and trades.

33, Construction Management items would be logged and discussed at each project meeting to evaluate its merit and fit within the established program requirements.

34, Manage the day to day logistics and problem solving that a project under construction can bring.

35, Coordinate Sub Contractor packages through meetings when required.

36, Provide on site staffing throughout the Construction Phase period.

37, Manage and distribute all necessary documents to you in lieu of all project participants doing so.

38, Ensure Building Control requirements are met.

39, Evaluate and compile monthly billings from subcontractors for distribution to you if so required.

40, Constantly monitor site safety as is relates to the general public, working staff, and construction staff.

41, Enforce site cleanliness throughout construction.

42, Coordinate special testing and inspections for items such as concrete, asbestos, wall strengths, etc under Structural Engineers & clients’s request.

Once we mutually agree the scope of works which suits you, then DMC Global Group's Construction Management services can commence with (if applicable to contract);

43, The site set up,

44, The making contact with Structural Engineer, Architect , Local authorities & sub contractors.

45, The selection of sub contractors where applicable.

46, The sub contractor management of appointed client sub contractors & where applicable & approval by you the client, DMC Global Group’s in house contractors employed by & through DMC Global Group Ltd, (this would have been processed under a separate scope of works produced by DMC Global Group Limited.


Once you the client accepts & approves there favourable quotations for the project, DMC Global Group will (if applicable to contract)  notify the selected contractors & with your approval appoint these sub contractors into the construction process if you requires us to do so.

47, DMC Global Group will (if applicable to contract) provide an Appointed Person for Lifting operations.

The duties of the Appointed person would be:-

a, To visit site and establish all lifting operations required during construction process and identify site specific hazards.

b, Write lifting plan and risk assessments based on site specific requirements.

c, He will visit site to undertake toolbox team talks with all associated operatives and establish communication link for potential variation or changing risk hazards.

d, Establish a system of daily and weekly visual tackle inspections to create a culture of inspection and recording of all lifting equipment.

Make visits to site at regular intervals determined in crane procurement documents to undertake toolbox talk and personal visual inspection of all lifting equipment which will be recorded with any other observations requiring attention.

e, Attend site to conduct a detailed fact finding exercise, contributing to application engineering reviews to validate or amend any specialist equipment deployment proposals with the Site Management Team.

f, Prepare and submit a draft project specific Lift Plan, that will include names/qualifications of all relevant site personnel & will identify all common/specific lifts to be carried out, including weight & sizes, plus guidance in selection and use.

g, He will attend site to launch the approved Lift Plan ensuring that all named personnel understand their role in particular & the Lift Plan in general (obtaining signatures to confirm these facts) before signing off the Lift Plan allowing lifting operations to commence.

To attend site to conduct Non-resident Appointed Person Review Audit, this will include a review of deployed crane & lifting equipment along with all relevant procedures.

h, Report prepared & submitted following site attendance, identifying any actions needed for ongoing compliance.

i, Issue of corrected Lift Plan following personnel changes.

48, DMC Global will provide an in house Principal Contractor Adviser.

The Scope of Services & Schedule of the Principal Contractor Adviser (if applicable to contract) are as follows:-


Will provide advice and assistance to DMC Global Group in compliance with the Principal Contractor Duties under Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations 2015.

To assist with:

49.1.1 The provision of necessary competent advice to DMC, as the Principal Contractor on health and safety related matters (in accordance with Regulation 7 of Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) for the duration of and related to your project.

49.1.2 Provision of necessary advice if and when required in case of any health and safety incident or accident (including RIDDOR (The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) reporting requirements), health & safety related claim or litigation or visit and enforcement action by Health and Safety Executive HSE or Local Authority for the duration of and related works. 

(If applicable to contract) includes any visits to site or conducting any incident or accident investigation, filling in the RIDDOR form or any other forms or creation of any documentation.

49.1.3 ( If applicable to contract ) Preparation of initial Construction Phase Plan for your works (in accordance with CDM Regulation 12 (1)

49.1.4 Preparation of task specific Risk Assessments/Method Statements for the main activities to be carried out by and identified by the Principal Contractor for the above works.

(if applicable to contract) assistance with an agreed amount of task specific Risk Assessments/Method Statements. 

(in accordance with Regulation 3 of Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999)

49.1.5 Provide electronic copies of the following health and safety related documentation for inclusion within the site folder, as expected in the role of Principal Contractor; Site Signing in Book Site Health and Safety Rules Sub-contractors Health and Safety Rules Site Health and Safety Induction Form Specific Risk Assessment Method Statement Form Work at Height Risk Assessment Form Manual Handling Risk Assessment Form Site Fire Risk Assessment Template Emergency Site Fire Plan Permit To Work (General) Permit to Work (Excavation) Permit to Work (Hot Works) Daily Site Checklist Form Plant Checklist Lifting Equipment Inspection Report Lifting Plan Template Tool Box Talks Record Form Accident and Incident Reporting and Investigation Form First Aid Box Checklist Form

The above Health & Safety documentation would be for completion on site as and when required and would remain available for site staff and also any visits by HSE or any other enforcement authorities.

DMC Global understands that if the Client is "Non Domestic" for the purposes of the Regulations.

Under the CDM 2015 Regulations, the Client has to fulfil their own duties, unless they are a Domestic Client, in which case the Principal Contractor will fulfil the Client duties which in this case the client will fulfil its own duties.

50, DMC Global will provide the site setting out engineer for your project where aplicable.